The Art


The Hardman Collection

The hosts have a large collection of Australian Indigenous Art which is displayed throughout the house. You are welcome to wander through the salon, library and dining room to see the collection. As well there are original artworks hung in every bedroom. Kerri and Kerry are happy to discuss them with you, or to guide you to books in our library for further information.


The indigenous culture of Australia has recently been proven to be at least 65,000 years old (AG  23/9/2011: CNN 22/9/2016) and is the oldest continuous culture on earth. 

While the designs in these paintings are contemporary and reflect the influences of the 20th and 21st century, they are based in a tradition much more ancient than that of Western art, and are reflections of the artists connection to their own cultural concerns. 

The collection was imported from Australia and we are delighted to share it with you. However, the paintings are presented for appreciation not for sale.